Pi-based retrogaming with the GPI case

As a present for the holidays, I decided to try to turn my son, who is fan of retrogaming, into a raspberrypi fan.

I bought him a GPI case that I completed with one of my Pi Zero W (I have plenty of them since I love this small multipurpose, monotask piece of gem).


The GPI case looks like a GameBoy with a screen, many buttons (12: much more than the original one !), and a battery. Contrary to the original device, it runs with recalbox system installed on a Pi Zero — hence is capable of emulating thousands of (old) games.

Building the device, and installing latest version of the emulator (6.1.1-Dragonblaze) is very easy. Ta-da ! it works quasi-out-of-the-box after the automatic initialisation phase.

My son loves it ! He quickly learnt how to install more roms (binary code for games) and, at last, starts to see some interest in the RaspberryPi…

Bottom line: find the right use cases, and the Raspberry includes many of them, and you may eventually convince all the family of the value of your hobby!


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