Displaying weather forecast on a Raspberry Pi Inky screen

As a sideline to my project of creating a swiss-knife screen on a raspberry Pi zero for displaying any kind of useful (and less useful) information on a kind of fridge magnet, I’ve created a Python program for displaying local weather forecast.


The program is inspired by original “weather.py” program provided with Inky HAT (github source)

It does few simple things:

  • It fetches local city and country if not provided (based on IP address)
  • It fetches latest local temperature (in °C) and weather condition, along with the time when it was captured (in 24 hours format)
  • It fetches local 4-days forecast (temperature and weather condition)
  • It displays it on an Inky screen as text and icons

Weather and forecast information is pulled from Yahoo site. If local country is FR (France), weekdays are abbreviated in French (that’s the French touch…)


It can run as a shell program or as a library. Source code and icon files are available on my github (bear with me, I am just a newbee in GitHub)

Comments and suggestions welcome.


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